For most people, a motivational speaker is someone who acts like a sage or preacher who  stands above the crowd and urges them to find the right path and focus on success. They  could also instruct you to look into the depths of your soul to try and find inspiration from within. Regardless of how you see them, the top motivational speakers are actually neither sages nor preachers. They are simply people who are deeply passionate about a subject matter and wish to share their knowledge with others.

Motivational SpeakersAdditionally, what truly sets the successful speakers from the mediocre ones is the actual mastery and passion that they have for their chosen subject matter. They should be able to have a deep understanding of their topic and their audience so that they can deliver their chosen message with confidence. If you have ever considered a career in motivational speaking, then it is best if you read on and learn about a few tips that you should consider in order to become your best self once you step on that pedestal.

Select the Right Topic

The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a topic that you can talk about as a
motivational speaker. Generally, the best topics that can help you move your audience are those that can help them become more fulfilled, confident, happy, and successful. These topics are positive and highly inspirational. This means that most people can relate to them on some level.

In order to make it easier to narrow down your choices, it is best if you focus on a topic that inspires and motivates you as well. The passion that you feel about your preferred subject matter will not only make it easier for you to develop your speech, but your strong feelings will also help to convince and motivate your audience.

Switch it up No matter what topic you choose, adding a touch of humour will always make it easier to get  your audience’s attention and sympathy. As long as you practice proper comic timing, a humorous touch can make even the most serious and dramatic topic more memorable and convincing. A well-timed joke can also make your audience feel more at ease and therefore more likely to respond to your speech.

Aside from your timing, it is also important to take careful note of your speaking voice as a motivational speaker. You should always speak with a modulated tone and volume. Avoid speaking in monotone or in a sing-song manner. Instead, learn to project just the right volume and cadence at specific points during your speech.

For example, you can speak loudly in order to emphasize an important point or to project more passion. Conversely, you can drop your voice to little more than a whisper or use a dramatic pause. Enunciate every word so that your audience will get the full gist of your speech. Finally, provide them with a concrete action plan by using relevant and simple words that they can easily remember even after your speech has ended.

Study and master your audience

Motivational-SpeakerSimilar to your chosen topic, you should also take some time to learn about your audience. A successful motivational speaker should be able to relate to their audience on a highly personal level. In order to accomplish that feat, you must know about the background, motivations, needs, wants, and goals of your target audience. After all, a single speech will elicit different responses from different groups of people. As much as possible, you should tailor your speech and angle to best suit your target audience.

If possible, contact the organizers in advance and ask them about your audience. They might know certain issues or quirks about your audience that you can use to your advantage. Knowing more about them beforehand will not only make it easier for you to find the right angle, but it could also make it easier to form a connection with them and hold their attention.


The successful top motivational speakers should be able to relate to their audience on a highly personal level. Inspirational motivational video is a video who makes speeches intended to motivate or inspire an audience.